Adult Film Industry Might Determine The Victor in HD DVD Format Wars sold the first ever adult HD Blu-ray DVD

CDGIRLS.COM – A known internet adult website but small adult video producer, announced that it became the very first studio to release content on Blu-ray, delivering it’s Jenna Haze – Oil Orgy in 1080 HD Video. CDGIRLS found a way around  Sony’s (Blu-ray owner) resistance to permit adult content to migrate to Blu-ray


.Only 8 companies can replicate Blu-ray discs, and 2 are controlled by Sony. 5 others replicate discs for Disney

Nevertheless, the Blu-ray Disc Association, says they didn’t ban anyone from using the format. Marty Gordon, vice chair of the association, has been quoted saying there is nothing against adult material on the (Blu-ray) format

Twenty five years back, Sony’s Betamax competed against the VHS for supremacy in home videotape market, VHS was the victor even though Betamax was considered the superior technology, partly because of the support for the adult industry. Sony tried to block adult entertainment from appearing in Betamax, so the adult industry turn to VHS.

As of today, many vouch for the Blu-ray’s technical superiority, although the victor in this HD fight, will probably be the one who formed the best and most useful partnership with the film and consumer electronics industries, including the adult film industry. According to the AVN, the variety of the adult industry, the adult industry took in nearly 13$ billion the last year, from which adult videos account for 3.6$ billion of that revenue.

Jenna Haze Oil Orgy exists in HD DVD, as well as in the WMV HD Media and standard DVD, but the HD format wars are very far from over, and as the CTO of said, “We do not want to rule out the Blu-ray format, it’s great, and we want to be in the position where with an produce content in all viable formats for our clients.”

Jenna’s Oil Orgy is available in four formats: Blu-ray, HD DVD, Standard DVD and WMV HD media. The HD DVD and Blu-ray movies can be purchased at CDGIRLS.COM